Der Besuch des Bierpapstes

Besuch vom "Bierpapst" Conrad Seidl und nun Teil der internationalen Produktion zur 2. Staffel "Beer-tastic"

Der Trailer

Ein erster Trailer der neuen Serie "Beer tastic - another Round" mit u.a. dem Besuch des Bierpapstes Conrad Seidl im Kronkorkenkunst Atelier im vergangenen Jahr.

Beer-tastic! 2 - Another Round / Official Trailer from Hallmann Entertainment Company on Vimeo.

SEASON 2 - ANOTHER ROUND! (6 x 52-minute Episodes = 5 hours and 12 minutes) Episode 5: Beer-lover Conrad Seidl discovers how close beer and wine can be related and how surprisingly, certain kinds of beer pair extraordinarily well with meat, cheese or even chocolate. In Cologne he samples Koelsch before meeting an artist that uses bottle caps as his main craft material. He finds himself on top of a brewery tower, designed by Hundertwasser and in a church that were both inspired by the liquid gold. (